C4r - SOLVE 

Building on the work of FORGE and the Care4Rare Canada Consortium, the C4R-SOLVE project has a 4 year goal aligned with Canada’s national RD strategy – to fully understand the molecular pathogenesis of unsolved RDs and facilitate timely access to clinical genome-wide sequencing.

Key to C4R-SOLVE’s success will be new sequencing technologies, innovative ‘omic approaches, improved worldwide data sharing (ex. Genomics4RD) and developing functional assays. In addition, the group will work with provincial ministries of health to determine how best to include genomic sequencing as a clinical test to diagnose rare diseases, beginning with Alberta and Ontario. In doing so, C4R-SOLVE will more than double our ability to diagnose unsolved rare disease, while building the infrastructure and tools needed to improve rare disease diagnosis worldwide.

Accurate and early diagnosis will optimize care, improve the well-being of patients and their families, provide new insights into these devastating diseases, and potentially save at least $28 million/year in health-care spending. 

Simple C4R-Solve Graphic.png