There are about 7,000 rare genetic diseases (RDs) in Canada that impact more than one million Canadians and their families:

  • 2/3 of these diseases cause significant disability;
  • 3/4 affect children;
  • more than 1/2 lead to early death;
  • almost all have no targeted treatment

Further, more than 1/3 of these diseases remain unsolved (their genetic cause is unknown).

Care4Rare (C4R) is a pan-Canadian collaborative team of clinicians, bioinformaticians, scientists, and researchers, focused on improving the care of Rare Disease patients in Canada and around the world.  Led out of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Research Institute in Ottawa, Canada, Care4Rare includes 21 academic sites across the country, and is recognized internationally as a pioneer in the field of genomics and personalized medicine.

Its team uses state of the art genetic technology to identify new rare disease genes for patients. Together, 200 physicians and 100 scientists work to advance rare disease research as part of three Care4Rare programs: C4R – SOLVE, Genomics4RD, and RareConnect




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